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Obama Exceeds 3-Minute Speaking Limit at Climate Change Gathering — Watch What Happens When He Gets Signal to Wrap It Up


If this were the Academy Awards, it is likely the orchestra would have played louder and drowned him out.

Image source: NBC News

President Barack Obama was one of three speakers invited to give a brief, 3-minute address to world leaders, delegates and a global television audience watching the opening day ceremonies of the United Nations climate change conference in Paris on Monday.

Despite being given a series of warning beeps, indicating he had exceeded his time and needed to finish his remarks, Obama continued speaking for roughly 14 minutes.

The first of the "wrap it up" signals came at the 8:44 mark of the speech. The alerts continued every thirty seconds until the eleven-minute mark.

According to an NBC News report, "After 11 minutes, whoever was manning the 'beep' button had clearly given up, and no more prompts were heard until Obama ended his epic discourse just shy of 14 minutes."

See our compressed video showing exactly how many times Obama was given the "hurry up" beep.

Watch the entire speech below:


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