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Arrogant' Man Pretends to Drink From 'Beer' Bottle in Front of Police Station, Records Chat With Confronting Cops. Guess Who Says 'You're Dismissed.


"Your life must be absolutely dead for you to come out here and do stuff like that."

Image source: Live Leak

A man apparently pretended to drink from what looked like a beer bottle right in front of a police station in Rensselaer, New York, Sunday night — and then seemingly did everything he could to annoy the cops who questioned him.

After the man turned on his cellphone camera and began to record the interaction, it became clear he was going out his way to toy with police.

"Are you drinking a beer?" the officer asked.

"Do you think I'm drinking a beer?" the man replied.

"Is that a question with a question?" the cop continued.

"I don't know. Is it?" the man responded.

Image source: Live Leak

"What's in your hand?" the officer asked.

"A glass bottle," the man replied.

"What's in the bottle?" the officer asked.

"Nothing," the man answered, adding that he wasn't required to show or disclose to the officer what was inside the bottle. "I don't even have to talk to you."

The man went on to quote the Bill of Rights before the officer said, "If I have reason to believe that you're breaking the law, by sitting here with an empty beer bottle to antagonize me is what you're doing."

"If it's an empty beer bottle, then what does that tell you?" the man replied.

When the cop walked up and shined a flashlight on the bottle, the man was heard saying, "There's nothing in there."

"I don't understand why you have to be so difficult," the officer said after backing up.

"I don't understand why you have to come out here and do that," the man replied.

"Because you're sitting out in front of a police station, drinking what resembles a beer, just to be arrogant," the cop replied. "I mean, it just doesn't seem respectful or anything. I don't understand."

"You came to me," the man said.

"You're right," the officer responded. "Doing my job. Coming to see if you're breaking the law. That's all."

"OK, you guys are dismissed," the man said.

"OK, so are you," the officer replied. "You're free to go."

"I was sitting out here before you guys came out here," the man said. "Enjoying the night."

A Google Maps check appeared to confirm that the location of the video matched the location of the police station, which is on the 200 block of Broadway.

Image source: Live Leak

Image source: Google Maps

Image source: Google Maps

"I'll leave when I wish," the officer said.

"I thought you guys said you had more important things to do," the man replied, "that I was taking up your time."

When another officer told the man he needed to see his indentification, the man quoted a court case and then the officers began walking away.

"Your life must be absolutely dead for you to come out here and do stuff like that," the first officer said as he walked up the steps to the entrance of the police station. "Do you have any children or anything or a family that you could be tending to?"

Image source: Live Leak

"I have a great life," the man replied. "Don't you have criminals that you should be ... checking out? Other stuff to do?"

The video was posted to Live Leak Tuesday, noting that the incident was recorded Sunday and that the man had a bottle of "root beer."

TheBlaze contacted the Rensselaer police for comment Wednesday but was told there was no one available at the time for a media inquiry.

(H/T: Live Leak)

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