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NYC Mayor's Press Secretary Equates Assault Rifles with Hand Grenades — The Internet Responds


"After all, they're all splodey things that scare me."

Image via Twitter/@KarenHinton

Hand grenades are no different than assault weapons, according to Karen Hinton, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio's press secretary.

Less than 30 minutes after Hinton's tweet hit the web, the internet responded with mostly mockery and derision.

At time of publication, there did not appear to be any positive responses to Hinton's tweet.

On Friday, de Blasio issued a press release calling for all city and government pension funds to divest from companies that make assault weapons.

"Today I call on all government pension funds in New York City and across the country to divest immediately from funds that include assault weapon manufacturers, such as the Freedom Group that made the assault weapon used in the Sandy Hook massacre. Any private equity fund investing in these companies should stop immediately," he said.


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