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Here's How Some Republican Presidential Candidates Reacted to Obama's Oval Office Address


"Is that all there is? We need a new President - FAST!"

Republican presidential candidates took to the Internet Sunday night to offer their thoughts on President Barack Obama's rare address from the Oval Office on the threat of terrorism — which also stressed gun control.

Frontrunner Donald Trump was characteristically matter-of-fact:

Sen. Ted Cruz noted on his website that “nothing President Obama said tonight will assist" in destroying the Islamic State or fixing immigration.

Marco Rubio appeared on Fox News and noted Obama's "cynicism," saying he was "very disappointed" in the address and feared that instead of making things better "he may have made things worse."

Carly Fiorina said the address was "vintage Obama":

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush called Obama's address "weak" and that the president had been living a "political fantasy" by using self-imposed constraints against the Islamic State. He said it shows Obama lacks the resolve to defeat them. "This is the war of our time," Bush concluded. "It shouldn’t be business as usual."

Sen. Rand Paul viewed Obama's words as "an attempt to turn a necessary discussion on terrorism and national security into a ineffective gun control debate."

Rick Santorum hit the Second Amendment theme as well:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich wrote on his website that Obama's "strategy is not enough." He added that, "Without taking the fight to ISIS on the ground, ISIS won’t be defeated ... Bolder action across the board is needed because our way of life is what’s at stake."

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee hit Fox News and asked "Why can't @POTUS say, 'They're our enemy. We're going to eradicate them before they keep killing us.'"

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Obama "is intentionally misleading the nation about the threat we face from ISIL."

Former New York Gov. George Pataki said Obama's address "was as believable as a hostage video."

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