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Hillary Clinton Calls Expensive Prescription Drugs, Out-of-Pocket Costs ‘Glitches’ in Obamacare


"Just glitches?"

Out-of-pocket health care cost increases and ballooning prescription drug costs are "glitches" in the Obamacare system, Hillary Clinton said during the Democratic presidential debate Saturday hosted by ABC News.

When asked what parts of the health care law need to be fixed right now, the former secretary of state said she'd like to "build on the successes of the Affordable Care Act and work to fix some of the glitches."

Clinton said that “out-of-pocket costs have gone up too much” under Obamacare, and that “prescription drug costs have gone up through the roof.” She added that Medicare should be able to negotiate lower drug prices and make sure insurers are “properly regulated so that we are not being gamed.”

Moderator Martha Raddatz pushed back, asking: “But you did say those were glitches?”

“Yes,” Clinton replied.

“Just glitches?” Raddatz asked, noting skyrocketing prices.

“Part of this is the start-up challenges this system is facing,” Clinton said.

Clinton added that she's confident she can “build on and fix” the president’s signature heath care law.

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