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Fox News Contributor Rips Clinton Supporters for 'Hypocrisy' on Particular Issue: It 'Sickens Me


"I know it's Christmas Eve. But for the love of God, my fellow women -- pay attention!"

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Fox News contributor Katherine Timpf ripped into Hillary Clinton early Thursday, blasting the Democratic frontrunner for calling herself a feminist after she "shamed every abused woman who threatened her husband's career."

Timpf, who writes for the National Review, also went after Clinton's supporters, writing that she was sickened people would vote for her "despite this hypocrisy."

In particular, Timpf focused her ire on celebrity Lena Dunham who openly supports and campaigns for Clinton while touting herself as a feminist.

Timpf contended that "calling yourself a 'feminist' does not make it so" and said because she "supports women" it would be impossible to cast a vote for Clinton.

Over the past week, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and his campaign have hinted about using the Monica Lewinsky scandal to go after Clinton in the campaign, but have thus far refrained from zeroing in on the issue.

In May, Timpf penned a scathing letter to Clinton, going after the Democrat on the issues of criminal justice reform and transparency.

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