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Boy Opens Toy Plane & Puts Batteries in. The Recording That Plays Shocks Everyone: Not ‘What We Expected’


"That's very wrong. It's very, very wrong."

Image source: KING-TV

A Washington state man who purchased a toy airplane for his nephew this Christmas said he was stunned by the recording it played back when powered on.

"My nephew opened a present. We put the batteries in and didn't get what we expected," Bjorn Thorpe told KING-TV. "The plane is supposed to make flying noises and plane noises."

Instead, the plane's speakers played back the verses to an Islamic prayer.

Image source: KING-TV

"Sounds like an Arabic chanting, which is pretty unusual," Thorpe said. "We were kind of confused on how this would happen It's just kind of not the right situation to have that on a children's toy."

Nadeem Israr, president of an Islamic Society center in the area, told KING that the recording was "a prayer you're supposed to say when performing Haji" — the pilgrimage to Mecca.

[sharequote align="center"]"That's very wrong. It's very, very wrong."[/sharequote]

"That's very wrong. It's very, very wrong," Israr said of the fact the recording was on the toy plane.

Other reviews on the Amazon page for the toy indicate many had a similar recording placed on their devices.

Image source: Amazon / Screen grab

Image source: Amazon / Screen grab

Image source: Amazon / Screen grab

Image source: Amazon / Screen grab

The company that made the toy, WolVol, blamed the incident on its foreign manufacturer and said the products must have accidentally been loaded with the wrong sound effects, KING reported.

As for Thorpe, he plans on purchasing his nephew a new gift.

"He just wants a plane," he said.

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