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Bundy Confronted by CNN Reporter on Terrorism Allegations: ‘How Do You Respond to These Kinds of Accusations?’


"[T]hey are basically calling you terrorists."

Ammon Bundy on Monday night responded to allegations that he and a group of armed individuals occupying a federal building in Oregon are "terrorists."

"There's been a lot of social media discussion about what you all are doing out here," a CNN reporter told Bundy. "They've used words like 'Ya'll Qaeda' and 'Vanilla ISIS.' And while they sound like funny names, they are basically calling you terrorists. How do you respond to these kinds of accusations?"

"Well I would just encourage — well, one, I think that is the minority. But I would encourage people to look into what is really happening and find out who is truly doing the terrorizing," Bundy replied. "Who has been taking ranches? This refuge alone, over 100 ranches have been taken so they can make this refuge."

Bundy and a group of armed men have occupied a remote wildlife preserve in Oregon since Saturday to protest the sentencing of ranchers convicted for setting fires on federal land.

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