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Glenn Beck: Oregon Protesters Live in a 'Fantasy World' if They Think Guns Will Help Their Cause


"If that were true, then everybody in America would love the Palestinians."

Glenn Beck uttered harsh words Tuesday for the Oregon protesters who have been occupying a national wildlife refuge building since Saturday, saying the armed activists are in a "fantasy world" if they believe guns will help their cause.

"If you really think that you're going to get people on your side at this point by pulling out a gun, you're living in a fantasy world," Beck said on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. "If that were true, then everybody in America would love the Palestinians. They would love Al Qaeda because they feel they have a case, too."

The radio host's comments followed the critique he offered of protest leader Ammon Bundy earlier this week, saying the Oregon rancher "doesn't understand public relations at all."

However, Beck did credit Ammon Bundy for being an "eloquent speaker." But, as long as the protesters are brandishing firearms, he believes that they "don't look peaceful at all."

According to Beck, because the protesters chose to take up arms, the narrative surrounding the Oregon standoff is about guns and not about government overreach. The radio host said it would have been "a different kind of conversation" if the protesters had chosen to rally unarmed.

"Now everybody is like, 'Well, you're an armed guy. You're willing — you're saying — you have people on tape saying, 'I'm willing to die,'" Beck said, likely referring to Ammon Bundy's brother Ryan Bundy's reported comment that the protesters are willing to kill or be killed if necessary.

Earlier in the program, Beck said that the Oregon protesters — and conservatives — will lose "by allowing [the media] to paint you more like Malcolm X than Martin Luther King."

"America will always follow the Rev. Martin Luther King over Malcolm X," Beck said. "If you think you are more oppressed than the founders, if you think you're more oppressed than the blacks in the '50s and the '60s, or Gandhi's people, then you need to read history."

"This armed occupation can in no way be justified on a scriptural basis. We are privileged to live in a nation where conflicts with the government or private groups can and should be settled by using peaceful means according to the laws of the land," he added.

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