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Some of the Best Reactions to Ted Cruz’s ‘Jump the Shark’ Response to Donald Trump


I coined "jump the shark", and I do NOT approve this message.

Image source: YouTube

After Donald Trump raised questions about Ted Cruz's citizenship and, thereby, his eligibility to be president, Cruz responded by tweeting a link to a video clip from the classic TV program "Happy Days" showing Fonzie jumping a shark.

As you might expect, the Internet responded. Cruz's tweet has already been re-tweeted almost a thousand times.

For the record, "jumping the shark" refers to a moment in the life of a television program where the show loses its focus — as "Happy Days" did in the episode where a water-skiing, leather-jacketed Fonzie jumped over a shark in a pen. It has grown to become, as the New York Times noted, "a cultural reference for when something once popular has become overdone and gimmicky."

Radio and TV host, Jon Hein actually coined the phrase years ago and created a popular web site listing television shows and the specific moment they "jumped the shark."

Hein caught wind of Cruz's co-opting his catchphrase and objected on Twitter.

Satellite radio host Gregg "Opie" Hughes heard about the Cruz tweet and decided make a customized version of the "Happy Days" clip, featuring Donald Trump.

Image source: YouTube

While Hughes' special effects are not exactly up to Pixar standards, we found the clip entertaining.

Watch the bit of video magic.


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