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Hugh Hewitt Spars With Ann Coulter Over Ted Cruz’s Eligibility: ‘Ann, You Can’t Just Make Stuff—‘


"I know you like that, and it’s good for marketing, but it’s Ann against the world."

Conservative radio host and law professor Hugh Hewitt sparred with Ann Coulter Wednesday over whether Ted Cruz's Canadian birthplace disqualifies him from becoming president.

Coulter, who has flip-flopped on the issue, contended the Texas senator "wasn't natural born." Coulter said she previously said otherwise because she had briefly been "fooled by lawyers who assured me that they had looked at it."

"If Congress has to write a law to make you a citizen, you’re not natural born under the Constitution," she argued. "And I studied the case law—."

"So Ann Coulter thinks," Hewitt quipped.

"Now I’m just saying, Ann Coulter thus disagrees with Mark Levin and John Eastman and Hugh Hewitt," he added.

"Okay, but as I say in my column, that isn’t, that’s not—," Coulter said before Hewitt interjected.

"That’s not dispositive. I’m just telling the audience," he said.

The two lawyers continued to passionately disagree on the issue.

"Naturalization law is vested in the Congress, expressly in Article I," Hewitt said.

Coulter agreed.

"They have defined American citizen, Ted Cruz rebutted this argument yesterday," Hewitt continued.

"No, he is a citizen. He’s not natural born," Coulter shot back. "You cannot be natural born unless you are the child of an ambassador, or if we were in a monarchy, but we’re not, a child of the king himself."

Hewitt seemed to grow frustrated.

"Ann, you can't just make stuff—," he said before being cut off.

"Ambassadors, I would assume, this is a case that hasn’t been ruled on, that the children of military, somebody serving in the military is natural born," Coulter said "But other than that, not born on U.S. soil, you’re not natural born."

"Ann, and I respect that you hold this position forcefully, but would you acknowledge that you are a minority of about three?" Hewitt asked.

"I was a minority of less than that when I said Bill Clinton was guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and wrote a book about it," Coulter replied. "The law is the law, and I don’t care how many people agree with me."

The segment ended with Hewitt reiterating his position.

"He’s a natural born citizen. It’s absolutely not unclear. We agree on that. But objectively, it’s Ann against the world," He said. "I know you like that, and it’s good for marketing, but it’s Ann against the world. Am I right?"

"That’s now how we decide what a Constitutional term means," Coulter said.

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