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City Agency Director Caught on Camera Cursing Reporter After Getting Busted for 'Mrs. Doubtfire Moment


"Now, I get this bulls***. "

Image source: WJAR-TV

The head of a city agency in Cranston, Rhode Island, is out of a job after what WJAR-TV described as a "Mrs. Doubtfire moment."

At a January 5 press conference, Sue Stenhouse, executive director of the Senior Enrichment Center, is seen standing next to the man, along with Cranston mayor Allan Fung. The individual was wearing a dress, earrings, lipstick and a wig, and, identified as a "Cranston Senior Home Resident," WJAR-TV reported.

Image source: WJAR-TV

But after the press conference, sources told WJAR-TV that the "woman" seen on stage during the event was really a man masquerading as a woman. The station reported that the man in the female costume worked as the bus driver for the senior center.

WJAR-TV says it contacted Stenhouse before running its original story, but the city agency maintains she wasn't aware that the story would air.

"I've been in a meeting all night being a great public servant for the city of Warwick," Stenhouse told reporter Brian Crandall who later showed up at her house.

"Now, I get this bulls***. And you guys did not reach out to me. That was a big lie on the news," Stenhouse said, after at first telling Crandall to leave.

Fung's office confirmed that Stenhouse resigned from her $54,491 annual salary position but declined to comment further, WJAR-TV reported.


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