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See Why Glenn Beck Says Marco Rubio's Latest Campaign Ad Is 'a Little Slimy


"This is why nobody in this business endorses."

Presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) released an ad Thursday that radio host Glenn Beck says is "a little slimy" for featuring a comment the radio host made about the Rubio following a recent rally in Texas.

After attending one of Rubio's events last week, Beck and radio co-host Pat Gray said the senator was their second choice for president, presumably following Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R). Beck also said Rubio would "crush" Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton in a general election, which Rubio showcased in his latest campaign ad.

"For Marco Rubio to use this without my permission, is — I think — a little slimy," Beck said Thursday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Beck went on to say that he feels the ad is "making it look like Glenn Beck endorses him," which the radio host said later in the program that he did not. Beck said he does not typically officially endorse candidates because "you don't end up with any friends in the end."

"This is why nobody in this business endorses, because you don't end up with any friends in the end," Beck said. "Everybody gets pissed off at you. 'Why didn't you pick me? Why didn't you pick me?'"

However, moments later Beck made it clear who he supports for president: "If your definition of endorsing is, is he the one guy out of the whole field that I say, 'Yeah, if I have a chance, that's the guy I would vote for, that's the guy,' then I do endorse Ted Cruz," Beck remarked.

Ultimately, Beck seemed fine with the ad but would have preferred a phone call prior to it being released.

"That I just didn't even get a phone call. They put this together, and he wasn't like, 'Hey, do you mind if we use this?' I probably would have said yes," Beck said. "You know, what am I going to say? Of course. I mean, it was on Facebook."

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