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Frank Luntz Asked Focus Group Who Won Debate — and the Answer Was Nearly Unanimous


"That's the impact of a single debate."

Republican pollster Frank Luntz asked an Iowa focus group who won Thursday night’s GOP debate — and the members overwhelmingly chose one candidate.

According to Luntz, 23 of the 27 participants said that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was the clear winner.

The pollster played a video clip of Rubio explaining his position on immigration. When he asked the group for its reaction, the room erupted in applause.

Members of the focus group described Rubio as as "aspirational," "honest," "powerful," "prepared," "electable," "game-changer" and "positive."

Prior to the debate, only three individuals said they supported Rubio. At the end of the debate, that number had tripled.

"That's the impact of a single debate," Luntz commented.

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