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Germany to Implement Stricter Rules for Refugees Amid Outrage Over Mass Sexual Assaults


“The agreement on the [law] is therefore welcomed, without reservation."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks to the press on October 24, 2013 upon her arrival to attend a European Council meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels. European Union heads of state and government open a two-day summit on OCtober 24, focusing notably on prospects for growth from the digital economy amid data privacy concerns, plus lessons from the Lampedusa migrant tragedy. (Photo credit should read GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced Thursday that the country will implement stricter regulations for asylum seekers.

The announcement follows international outrage over mass sexual assaults in the country.

Merkel German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images)

According to CNN, Johannes Dimroth, a spokesman for Germany's Interior Ministry, said that the initiative, Asylum Package II, “contains important regulations, [including] to speed up the asylum procedure and to reduce existing deportation challenges."

“The agreement on the [law] is therefore welcomed, without reservation," Dimroth added.

Under the terms of Asylum Package II, some migrants will be sent to Greece by ferry, and other European Union nations will take in 250,000 asylum seekers.

The initiative also includes a two-year ban on asylum seekers from bringing their families to join them in Germany, but “safe countries” will be exempt.

According to CNN, Merkel said that Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria will be designated as “safe countries.”

Merkel said her Cabinet will soon have the draft of the legislation.

TheBlaze previously reported that on New Year’s Eve, Cologne, Germany police said that over a thousand men “of Arab or North African appearance” committed a series of crimes, including sexual assaults, robberies and at least one rape. Reports about the incident indicate that at least eight of the suspects who have been identified in the attacks were in Germany as asylum seekers.

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