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Watch as This Man Smokes, Shows Off 'Petty Wound' on TV, Just Hours After Getting Shot in the Chest


"It was like a petty wound, ya know, and I ain't trippin', though."

A man who had just been shot in his chest hours before gave an interview to a local Illinois station while smoking a cigarette and laughing off the morning's trauma.

DeVon, from Quincy, Illinois, sauntered up to KHQA-TV reporter Reyna Harvey during a live TV news report on a recent shooting Thursday evening. Holding a cigarette in his hand as he puffed out clouds of smoke, grinning all the while, DeVon, who didn't give his last name, agreed to speak live as he recounted the momentous events that occurred earlier that day.

Explaining that he was in a room "chillin', kickin' like I usually do, drinking,” DeVon said that someone fired a shot through his back window, striking him in the chest. Despite his personal pain, DeVon said that his first concern was getting his son out of the room. Besides, he added, "it was like a petty wound, ya know, and I ain't trippin', though."

DeVon proudly showed off his chest — complete with a bloody bandage over the bullet wound — for all to see on TV.

When Harvey asked him why he thought someone was trying to kill him, DeVon said, "I don't know what was goin' on, man ... they just want me dead," adding that they were probably "on some other stuff."

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