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These Ladies Are Throwing Candy in Celebration. The Reason Why May Disgust You.


"They screamed at me 'Allahu akbar.'"

Image source: Twitter/GalBerger

Last week they stabbed to death a 23-year-old Israeli woman.

Now, the two Palestinian assailants are being hailed as “martyrs” in their hometown and celebrated by their mother and sister who handed out candy in celebration of their deadly attack.

Israel Radio’s Arab affairs correspondent Gal Berger on Saturday tweeted a photo of the woman and girl -- wearing a green Hamas headband -- tossing the sweets in celebration. The mother, whose hair was covered with an Islamic headscarf, bore a wide grin.

Berger noted that they tossed the candy upon receiving the bodies of the assailants.

A Palestinian news agency posted another photo of the two holding plastic grocery bags filled with candy, again showing the smiling mother with a black and white Palestinian keffiyeh scarf around her neck.

والدة الشهيد حسين ابو غوش من مخيم قلنديا وشقيقة الشهيد إبراهيم علان - منفذا عملية طعن مشتركة - توزعان الحلوى أثناء تشييع الشهيد علان في قرية بيت عور التحتا ظهر اليوم

Posted by ‎المركز الفلسطيني للإعلام‎ on Saturday, January 30, 2016

The assailants were identified as 22-year-old Ibrahim Allan and 17-year-old Hussein Abu Ghosh who were buried near Ramallah in the West Bank. The Palestinian agency reported that the woman candy-tosser was the mother of Abu Ghosh, and the teenager was the sister of Allan.

The two assailants were shot dead after stabbing to death an Israeli woman at a minimarket last Monday.

Israel’s Channel 2 last week aired security camera footage showing the attackers trying to force their way into a minimarket in Beit Horon, a Jewish community in the West Bank; however, an Israeli man flung his grocery cart at them, blocking their entrance.

“They screamed at me ‘Allahu akbar.’ I screamed back at them, ‘Get out of here, you dogs,’” Mordechai Shalem told Channel 2.

“You see two people facing you with their knives raised. I saw the hatred in their eyes, the anger. I knew I had to stop them from getting in,” he said.

After fleeing the store, they hunted for other victims.

Both Palestinian attackers were shot and killed by an armed security guard, police said.

Israeli police said that the two had placed pipe bombs in the area, indicating they had hoped to kill more victims beyond Shlomit Krigman, 23, who was stabbed to death just days before her birthday when she went out to buy groceries for her grandparents.

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