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Lindsey Graham Attacks Cruz and Rubio on Immigration and Abortion, Saying Both Will Force Rape Victims to 'Carry the Rapist's Baby


"If a woman is raped in Ted Cruz's world, she's going to have to carry the baby of the rapist."

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While stumping for Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Tuesday, attacking Bush's fellow GOP hopefuls Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) and Donald Trump — the top vote-getters in Monday's Iowa caucuses.

Graham spent little time on Donald Trump, simply dismissing the billionaire's campaign. Instead, he chose to focus his remarks on Cruz and Rubio.

The one-time GOP candidate was asked to assess Cruz's chances against any Democrat in the November election. Graham said the odds of a Cruz win this fall were just "one in 10."

Graham senator went on to harshly slam Cruz's stance on immigration, saying, "Ted was for legalization, no matter what he tells you, and now he says he doesn't."

The attack from the Bush surrogate then turned to the sensitive issue of abortion. "If a woman is raped in Ted Cruz's world, she's going to have to carry the baby of the rapist," Graham told MSNBC viewers.

Rubio was also given the Graham treatment on both immigration and abortion. "I like Marco," said Graham, "but he has now turned hard right."

As he did with Cruz, Graham called Rubio's shift on immigration "very disappointing" and predicted it would be something that would "come back to bite us as a party."

On Rubio's abortion stance, Graham repeated what he said about Cruz: "Marco has no exception for rape and incest. I think it's going to be very hard to grow the party among women if you're gonna tell young women, 'If you get raped, you're gotta carry the child of the rapist.'"

Graham closed the interview reiterating his concerns with the GOP's positions on immigration and abortion, stating, "I don't know how this movie ends, but we're going the wrong direction with women and Hispanics, in my view."

"Jeb Bush will beat Hillary Clinton. And, I think, quite frankly he's the only person that can beat Hillary Clinton," Graham said.

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