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Fiery 'Christian Patrol' Group That Clashed With Muslims Takes to the Streets Again for 'Victims of Terror' March. Here's What Happened.


"This is Britain! We don't eat halal meat in Britain!"

More than one hundred protesters took to the streets in Dewsbury, Britain, over the weekend to take part in a "Justice for the Victims of Terror!" march, with participants chanting "Britain First! Fighting back!" as they made their way through the neighborhood.

The protest, which was organized by Britain First, a controversial U.K. political movement, featured speeches that took aim at "Muslim appeasement" in the U.K., with leaders attempting to rally the crowd against certain cultural tides that have purportedly taken form.

"I've had enough of no-go zones. I've had enough of Muslim appeasement. I've had enough of burqas and being told I look like an [inaudible] because my eyes aren't the only thing you can see," group leader Jayda Fransen shouted from a podium. "I've had enough of going to every eating establishment and being told they're selling halal. Why are they selling halal? This is Britain! We don't eat halal meat in Britain!"

She continued, "Their ideology prevents integration into our way of life. It does not conform with western values. It never will."

Watch the march and Fransen's words below:

Fransen told the International Business Times that 2016 will be a year of great growth for her organization; critics accuse Britain First of Islamophobia for its controversial protests against Islamic extremism.

"In recent months, our group has grown enormously, with membership swelling by the thousands," she told the outlet. "We now have Britain First brigades across the country and it's common knowledge our social media reach is bigger than any other political party."

Dewsbury has reportedly been home to past Islamic extremists, which is presumably why Britain First chose it as a march location.

As TheBlaze previously reported, this protest follows Britain First's contentious "Christian Patrol" event that was held last month in Bury Park, Luton, in which group members carried Christian crosses and handed out literature, boisterously clashing with local Muslims.

In heavily edited footage, men who are reportedly Muslim were seen yelling things at the demonstrators like, “You’re jealous that we’re taking over.” The same man who said that later barked, “F**k you. It’s our country.”

Fransen was also seen responding, ”It’s a Christian country!” with the man continuing to push back, “No, it’s not … it’s not a Christian country.” Unmoved, Fransen pressed on, gesturing to a large, white Christian cross she was holding and proclaiming, “See this cross. This will prevail.”

Another woman who appeared to be siding with the Muslim men shouted, “The Muslims will take over! Watch!”

Watch that event below:


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