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Fox News Host Makes $10,000 Bet About What He Thinks Clinton's Wall Street Transcripts Will Reveal


"I will almost guarantee — in fact, I'll bet $10,000..."

Fox News host Eric Bolling on Friday bet $10,000 that transcripts would reveal Hillary Clinton never said in her Wall Street speeches that those who work in the financial sector were guilty of undermining the economy.

Clinton has said that she took Wall Street's money to offer her opinion to Wall Street bankers: "I told them what I thought," she said in an interview earlier this year.  Critics, however, have suggested what Clinton said during her speeches might be inconsistent with the tough tone she has recently taken on Wall Street during her presidential campaign.

Bolling seemed to agree with the latter.

"I will almost guarantee — in fact, I'll bet $10,000 to a charity if there is anywhere in any of her transcripts, in a speech, to anyone in Wall Street saying, 'You guys are going to undermine the economy.' $10,000 to a charity if she produces a transcript that says that to a Wall Street bank," Bolling said.

"You know why?" he asked. "Because when you go to do a speech in front of someone, you tell them what they want to hear. And they are going to pay them two, three hundred thousand to do your speech, you aren't going to tell them that they are going to undermine the economy. It's just not going to happen."

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