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The Twosome From Hell': Fox Business Host Excoriates Romney And Ryan on Trump Opposition


"They're despicable, they are absolutely dishonorable, and absolutely betraying their party."

Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs had some choice words Thursday evening for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, ultimately calling the duo the "twosome from hell."

Dobbs is going after the pair, who served together as the failed 2012 Republican presidential ticket, for Romney's speech Thursday morning against Republican presidential contender Donald Trump and Ryan's comments against the billionaire businessman, claiming the two are attempting to "defend a stagnant failed status quo."

"Romney and Ryan blew the election last time, throwing it to a president compatible with their culture of failure," Dobbs charged. "But this time, they're up against a winner."

"Trump is the people's choice to this point, and the twosome from hell is about to lose another one if they have their way," the Fox host continued.

Dobbs went on to say that, despite efforts to stop the GOP front-runner, "Trump's already begun making America great again."

Later in the program, the vocal show host continued to lambaste Romney and Ryan, saying, "They're despicable, they are absolutely dishonorable, and absolutely betraying their party and the votes of every American that has voted for Trump."

He concluded his rant by telling viewers that they are both "disgusting" and "elitist."

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