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Insane Road Rage Fight Unfolds in Street as Man Drags Passenger Out of Truck — and Keep Your Eye on Female Driver


The video shows two men fighting, but soon they are joined by a third — a woman who wasting no time kicking and throwing punches.

A midday dispute between two drivers in Fontana, California escalated into a full-blown brawl. Driver Jonathan Martinez, who caught the altercation on film, expressed his disbelief that such a violent spectacle could take place in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses.

Martinez described to KNBC-TV the fight that broke out right in front of his car. The video shows two men fighting for a few seconds, after which they are joined by a third — a woman who wasting no time kicking and throwing punches.

Image source: KNBC-TV

"I was going home from work and all of a sudden, you know, I saw the people get out the car and start fighting and I'm like ‘What happened?’ and I started recording," Martinez said.

Martinez said that though he didn't see the exchange leading up to the fight, he doesn't believe the people in the two vehicles knew each other.

“For sure it was road rage. You should have seen the other guy looked all mad. Somebody cut him off or driving too slow," Martinez said.

The entire fight only lasted about 25 seconds. It ended after two other men intervened. From the looks of the video, no one was seriously hurt. Martinez said everyone got back into their vehicles — one man drove an SUV, and the other two returned to their truck — and drove away.

A California Highway Patrol spokesman told KNBC-TV that the fight raises some concern.

"It's very upsetting that it goes this far," Officer Travis Monks said.

He said if the altercation was in fact a case of road rage, it’s an example of why drivers need to remain in their vehicles, rather than engaging a potentially violent confrontation.

"You don't know what they have. They may have a knife, they might have a gun. You don't know what type of mental state they are in," Monks said.

Martinez told the news channel that regardless of who was at fault initially, the video he recordered should be a lesson for all drivers.

"They need anger management,” he said. “It's not right. Everybody should just relax.”



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