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Trump Supporter Shocks With Comments on CNN When Asked About Potential for Riots at GOP Convention


"A lot of us remember what happened in 1968 at the Democratic convention in Chicago."

A top supporter for GOP front-runner Donald Trump said Wednesday that she did not "necessarily" consider potential riots at the Republican convention to be a "bad thing."

The comments from Scottie Nell Hughes were made on CNN when host Wolf Blitzer about Trump's prediction there could be "riots" in Cleveland.

"The word riots. He said it twice. That's pretty serious," Blitzer said. "A lot of us remember what happened in 1968 at the Democratic convention in Chicago."

Hughes said her grandfather was "one of the organizers of the 1968 Democratic convention" and argued that "he'd be very proud of my involvement with Mr. Trump."

"You have to understand the motivation of the riot here," she said. "It's not because people aren't getting their voices heard. It's because the people's voice would be ignored in this case."

[sharequote align="right"]"Riots aren't necessarily a bad thing."[/sharequote]

She added, "So you know, riots aren't necessarily a bad thing. If it means it's because [inaudible] fighting the fact that our establishment Republican Party has gone corrupt and decided to ignore the voice of the people and the process."

That comment seemed to take Blitzer aback.

"Scotty, you really don't want riots to emerge from the Republican convention in Chicago where people could be injured, people could be hurt, they could be maimed — you don't want riots?" he asked.

"It's not riots as in a negative thing," Hughes said. "What we've seen — it's the fact that you have a large amount of people that will be very unhappy. I don't sit there and think they'd resort to — in fact, I know they would not resort to violence. I know they would not do it. However, they would make sure their voices are heard. That they can't be ignored."

"I don't consider riots to be a violent thing," she added. "I consider it to be something where you have the majority of the people will be engaged and will be paying attention to what is going on."

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