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'For the Record': Barack Obama’s Anti-Gun History


President Barack Obama has repeatedly called for new gun control legislation in the wake of mass-shootings. He made speeches on the topic following a July 2015 attack on a church in Charleston, S.C., the killings at a college in Oregon in October 2015, and more than a dozen other incidents. The repeated calls for new laws have left millions of Americans concerned about the future of the Second Amendment.

In a January 2016 speech announcing a new executive action on guns, the president tried to downplay the idea that he was trying to get guns out of the hands of Americans.

"I've said this over and over again, this also becomes routine, there is a ritual about this whole thing that I have to do — I believe in the Second Amendment," Obama said.

However, earlier in his political career and while a professor at the University of Chicago, the president sang a different view.

For the Record investigates the ongoing push for gun control in “Infringed." The episode airs Wednesday, March 30, at 9:00pm ET on TheBlaze TV.

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