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Shapiro Gets Into Tense Back-and-Forth With Pro-Choice Student, Demands She Explain When Life Begins


"At what point does that bundle of cells become a human being in your judgement?"

Conservative personality Ben Shapiro quarreled with a pro-choice student Monday during a question and answer session following his speech at Salisbury University in Maryland.

"You don't get to kill things just because it's in your uterus," Shapiro told the student during a back-and-forth.

"It's my body. How about you stay out of it?" the student replied.

"I don't care about your appendix," Shapiro quipped, referencing the student's earlier argument. "I don't even care about your uterus. I care about what's in it."

"And I can take out my appendix if I don't want it. So why can't I take out other parts of my body?" the student asked.

"Because they are not independent living human beings," Shapiro fired back.

The student continued to engage in a debate, arguing the fetus is merely a "bundle of cells."

"At what point does that bundle of cells become a human being in your judgement?" Shapiro asked her.

"Um—," the student said.

"No really," Shapiro interjected.

"No, I just need to calm down for a second," the student said.

After some silence, Shapiro argued "that is the relevant question."

"If your argument is it's a bundle of cells then the question becomes when it's not a bundle of cells," the conservative personality noted.

The student said that she didn't believe in late-term abortion unless it was a threat to the mother's health. Shapiro said he agreed in an exception if the mother's life was in danger.

Another student chimed in.

"The concept of body autonomy means that I don't have to give up any part of my body unless I say so," she said.

"The baby is not part of your body," Shapiro quipped.

Shapiro was speaking on the campus at an event sponsored in part by the conservative Young America’s Foundation. The conservative writer and radio host was recently interrupted during a speech at California State University, Los Angeles, when protesters pulled the fire alarm in the auditorium.

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