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Trump Threatens Lawsuit After Report Says Cruz Will Earn More Delegates Than Him in Louisiana. State GOP Chief Says They're 'Prepared


"[I’m] really confident in the rules."

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Billionaire Donald Trump is threatening to file a lawsuit following a Wall Street Journal report Friday that rival Ted Cruz will allegedly earn an additional 10 delegates in Louisiana, despite having lost the March 5 primary to the Manhattan billionaire.

"Just to show you how unfair Republican primary politics can be, I won the State of Louisiana and get less delegates than Cruz," Trump tweeted Sunday evening. "Lawsuit coming."

In a Sunday interview on ABC's "The Week," the real estate mogul accused Cruz of "stealing" the delegates, while charging that the Republican Party is a "disgrace."

"I have so many more votes and so many more delegates," he said. "And, frankly, whoever at the end, whoever has the most votes and the most delegates should be the nominee."

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Despite Trump's threat, Louisiana Republican Party Executive Director Jason Doré said in an interview with the The Times-Picayune Sunday that he, and the state's GOP, is "prepared" for any lawsuit headed their way.

"[I’m] really confident in the rules," Doré told the newspaper. "[We] are taking [Trump's threat] seriously and will be prepared."

Addressing the WSJ report — which said that Cruz would take Rubio's five delegates plus the state's five unbound delegates — Doré said it simply wasn't true and labeled Trump's lawsuit threat "premature."

"There’s no commitments from any of these delegates — the Rubio delegates or the others — that they’re going to go for Cruz or for Trump," Doré said, who himself is one of the party's unbound delegates.

He added, "[Cruz is] not going to receive any more delegates. [Trump] received the delegates he was supposed to. Everybody’s been allocated what they’re going to be allocated."

Otherwise, Doré said, delegates are bound to the candidates they were allotted to, unless they're one of the five unbound delegates, which Doré said the party is not in "control" of. The dispute over Rubio's five delegates, however, "is between Mr. Trump and those guys," he added.

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