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A Storyline That Could Be Ripped from a House of Cards Script': Kasich Campaign Reportedly Tried to Use Romney to Broker Secret Deal With Cruz


They reportedly used Mitt Romney as a liason.


Ohio Gov. John Kasich's presidential campaign has tried to work together with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's campaign to stop GOP front-runner Donald Trump from earning the Republican nomination, but the Cruz campaign has resisted making such a deal, according to a CNN report.

CNN's Dana Bash reported that the storyline "could be ripped from a House of Cards script." Reportedly, Kasich's campaign had 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney try to broker the back-door deal.


Kasich campaign adviser John Weaver has on multiple occasions asked Romney to reach out to Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe to discuss a plan to work together, but Roe hasn't responded to Weaver's requests, according to the report.

Roe told CNN that he hasn't answered Weaver's multiple attempts to make contact because he doesn't believe the Kasich campaign can provide them any assistance in their effort to defeat Trump.

The Cruz campaign believes Kasich continues to stay in the race simply as a spoiler. The Ohio governor only takes potential votes away from Cruz, the Texas senator's allies have said publicly.

But most of April's upcoming primaries are in New England and the Mid-Atlantic — areas where Kasich could perform better than Cruz — which is why the Kasich campaign wants to consolidate their effort, time and money.

Kasich's campaign believes that if the two candidates work together, then they stop Trump from getting enough votes to reach the 1,237 delegate threshold required to win the nomination outright.

In the end, Kasich's campaign told CNN that they just hope that the Cruz campaign "understands what we are doing and we hope they are making corresponding moves."

(H/T: CNN)

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