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See the 'House of Cards' Speech That Glenn Beck Called 'Brilliant' and Would 'Love to Hear' From Presidential Hopefuls
President Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, on Netflix's "House of Cards," delivers his "You Are Entitled to Nothing" speech. (Image Source: YouTube)

See the 'House of Cards' Speech That Glenn Beck Called 'Brilliant' and Would 'Love to Hear' From Presidential Hopefuls

"That's the secret of Ronald Reagan. That's the secret of that speech."

While serious fans have already binge-watched their way through the latest season of Netflix's "House of Cards," Glenn Beck just saw President Frank Underwood's "You're Entitled to Nothing" speech from the third season — and he loves it.

In the speech, Underwood, a Democrat, tells voters that they are not entitled to anything, at which point he launches his "America Works" program, designed to jumpstart the economy and flood the market with 10 million jobs.

"I saw this speech that President Frank Underwood gives," Beck said Tuesday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. "And I'm thinking to myself, 'While I don't agree with his program, boy, would I love to hear a president give this speech.'"

Beck, a top surrogate for GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz, liked the speech so much that he said if Republican front-runner Donald Trump would deliver a similar address, "he would unite the entire country behind him."

During his address, Underwood tells the American people that the government "[has] been lying" to them, that the American dream "has failed" and that they are "entitled to nothing" because "you build your future, it isn't handed to you."

Though Beck doesn't agree with the "flawed philosophy" behind the TV president's "America Works" plan because "it's not the government's job to create jobs," he said the delivery was "brilliant."

"[It is] brilliant because, even me, as I'm watching this, I'm watching this going, 'Man, I'd love to hear a president say that,'" Beck said. "[But] it goes against everything a conservative stands for, except he's saying enough of the truth. Like Satan always does, he's saying enough of the truth, to where it unites people."

However, Beck said the Underwood character tapped into something that is not being talked about much in the current political cycle — "hope." The conservative radio host said that is effective because "this is where people are living."

"That speech works with a vast majority of the conservatives," Beck said. "Not true die-hard constitutionalists, because they'll see through it like we have. But for all the Trump people and all the things that people are latching on to Donald Trump for and then the Democrats as well.  And it's a less divisive message."

But Beck concluded that "nobody is delivering the positive message" that people are "empowered."

"Nobody has broken through with that," he said. "And that's the secret of Ronald Reagan. That's the secret of that speech."

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