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What Are You Doing in My Home?': Those Were the Words Intruders Heard From a 61-Year-Old Woman Before She Emptied the Magazine


“I am glad I was able to defend myself.”

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A Texas woman didn’t hesitate to shoot a burglar after he and another man broke into her home in Terrell. But when she ran out of bullets, the injured intruder’s accomplice grew bolder.

The woman, a 61-year-old identified as Sharon by KTVT-TV, said she grabbed her gun after waking one evening to the sound of the two men in her home.

Photo credit: Shutterstock Photo credit: Shutterstock

“I called out, ‘What are are you doing in my home,’” she told KTVT Monday.

Sharon said she then opened fire on one intruder, later identified by police as Saul Guzman, but soon found herself out of bullets.

Realizing this, the other suspect, whom police named as Pedro Guzman, proceeded to attack the 61-year-old, authorities said.

“He must have heard me clicking it, because that’s when he came back and beat me up really bad,” Sharon said. She told KTVT that she suffered a concussion and cuts and bruises on her face.

After the attack, the woman called the police, who were able to track down the injured suspect at the Texas Regional Medical Center at Sunnyvale, where he was being treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the stomach. They found Pedro Guzman, the suspected accomplice, at a gas station across the street from the hospital.

Investigators also found a stolen purse connected to a different burglary in a trash can at the gas station where Guzman was parked, Terrell Police Captain A.D. Sansom told KTVT.

“We do believe they may be responsible for other offenses in our city,” Sansom said.

Sharon shared that she will be installing a security system at her home and plans on buying another gun.

Terrell police said both suspects were charged with burglary of a habitation, theft of a firearm and burglary of a vehicle, among other charges.

“I hope other women will take note,” Sharon said. “I am glad I was able to defend myself.”


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