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Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Makes Honest Admission About How Trump Has Affected Network Relationships


"You can look at our network at a whole..."

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Wednesday that the rise of Donald Trump has caused some "internal strife" within the cable-news network.

Gutfeld made the comment on "The Five" while discussing the fractured state of the Republican Party.

"Us pointing that out is like Charlie Sheen pointing out your drug habit. We, as a show, are facing internal strife. From a micro-level to a macro-level," the Fox News host said. "You could look at conservative websites like Breitbart, how much that has fallen apart since the Trump nomination. You could look at 'The Five.' On any given day, we have tension over this nomination, over this candidate."

"You can look at our network at a whole ... where we are having issues over a family of anchors within this stuff," Gutfeld continued. "You can look at the party. Every area where there is conservatism, there is strife. And I just remember the good old days where we could all unite against the hatred for Obama. ... But somehow Trump has shattered that. And now we are sitting here grappling with this internal strife and we have no way of getting out of this."

Co-host Eric Bolling said he agreed with Gutfeld's analysis.

"We've gone from, 'I don't like that candidate. I don't like what he represents. I'm not going to vote for him. Here's why' to, 'If you like him, you're an idiot. You're a jerk. You're helping him become the nominee.' And people are so angry. Everything becomes personal. It's never been this personal before," he said.

There have been signs of tension at the network as a result of Trump.

Earlier this month, Trump trashed select Fox News personalities as "bad people" and said they "shouldn't be on the air," during an appearance of "Hannity." The conservative personality failed to offer a defense in support of his colleagues.

Host Megyn Kelly, who has come under repeated fire from the Republican front-runner since the first GOP debate last summer, said in a recent interview that she wished fellow host Bill O'Reilly would have "defended me more" in a January exchange.

TheBlaze reached out to a Fox News spokesperson and will update this story should any new information become available.

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