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Rat Sneaks Up on Man Sleeping on the NYC Subway — Instead of Waking Him Up, Bystander Records What Happens



Image source: Instagram/AnthonyLin

In New York City, rats are a huge problem. Some estimates say there is one rat for every four people who live in the city. In fact, the rodents even have their own Wikipedia page.

But recently one city subway rider found out the hard way that rats also enjoy taking the train.

Video captured by Instagram user Antony Lin on Sunday shows how one unsuspecting subway rider had a rat crawl into his lap and up his shoulder as he nodded off to sleep. According to Lin, the incident occurred at 3 a.m on the city's 7 train.

Toward the end of the video, after the rat had crawled around the man's back, the man can be heard screaming -- most likely when he suddenly realized what had just happened:

3AM on the 7 train. MTA subways come equipped with cuddly rats. #mta #goingyourway #nycsubway

A video posted by Antony Lin (@copaantl98) on

As the incident continues to make the news, people are criticizing Lin for taking video of the rat rather than alerting the sleeping man that the rat was crawling all over him.

Recently, NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced that police would wake sleeping subway passengers due to the high rate of crime that happens while they're especially vulnerable. It's not clear, however, if Bratton envisioned rats crawling all over unsuspecting riders.

(H/T: Mashable)

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