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Twitter User Calls Out Wal-Mart for Selling 'Maryland’ Shirts Featuring Wrong State


"I want to inform you that you're selling UMD shirts with the state of Massachusetts on them."

Image via Twitter

States are like snowflakes: Though some may appear to resemble each other from afar, each has its own unique shape, a basic geographical fact that one company had to learn the hard way.

Twitter user Samantha Ficco tweeted at Wal-Mart last week after discovering that the store was selling a University of Maryland T-shirt featuring an outline of the state of Massachusetts. The shirt included a large white “M” and the word “Terps” (short for Terrapins, the UMD mascot) on a red outline of the New England state.

But Ficco, who was not fooled by the prominent UMD logo and colors, informed the company of the mistake.

At first, a Wal-Mart spokeswoman named Marie defended the shape’s accuracy:

But Twitter users were not buying the excuses:

A few days later, a different spokesperson, Sonny, retracted the previous comments and offered an embarrassed apology:

Another Twitter user named Victoria Owens apparently tweeted a photo of the same shirt last summer, though she refrained from tagging Wal-Mart:

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