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Space X Makes History, Lands Falcon 9 Rocket on Drone Ship in Middle of Ocean for First Time Ever



Space X made history again Friday afternoon.

The aerospace manufacturer successfully landed its Falcon 9 booster rocket back on Earth on a drone ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean after after using it to send a Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station.

The successful mission occurred just six months after an accident last summer and marked the first time such a rocket has ever landed vertically on a drone ship after flying leap into space.

Chants of "USA, USA, USA!" broke out at the Space X command center after the mission was complete.

The company believes it can significantly reduce the cost of space flight if it is able to reuse rockets. Until now, a new rocket has needed to be built for each new launch.

Space X landed a Falcon 9 rocket successfully on Earth in December, but it happened on solid ground in Cape Canaveral, Florida, not a drone ship in the ocean.

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