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Fed Up Limbaugh Scorns Claim Trump Is Being Denied Nomination: He Hasn't Won 'Diddly-Squat' Yet


"He hasn't gotten 1,237. He hasn't won."

Radio host Rush Limbaugh wonders if Donald Trump's presidential legacy will include the destruction of CNN. Limbaugh said that Trump is simply a mastermind playing with the media. (Chris Carlson/AP)

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Tuesday seemed fed-up with claims that Donald Trump is being denied the Republican nomination, contending the billionaire "hasn't won diddly-squat yet" to have anything denied from him.

Limbaugh's diatribe came after a listener phoned in to his radio show to make the argument that the real estate mogul was being robbed of the nomination.

"You said, 'If Trump is denied the nomination...' No, no, no, no. Trump has to win it. What do you mean, if Trump is denied? He hasn't won it yet!" Limbaugh said, according to an online transcript posted to his website.

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"If he wins it and he's denied, then you've got a point," he added. "If he gets to 1,237 and they try to take it away from him, then you've got a real point. But he hasn't won diddly-squat yet. He hasn't gotten 1,237. He hasn't won."

[sharequote align="center"]"He hasn't won diddly-squat yet. He hasn't gotten 1,237. He hasn't won."[/sharequote]

The conservative personalty argued to the caller that because he hasn't won "there's nothing to deny yet."

"There is no entitlement here," he said. "Just because you're leading doesn't mean it's yours. The other candidates are not just gonna lay down and die and go away. Look at Kasich. There's no reason to stay in this, other than to gum up the works, and he's doing it. There is no way Cruz can get to 1,237, but he's not going away. There is no entitlement."

Limbaugh continued to go after Trump and his supporters in the segment. Seemingly referencing the campaign's allegations that the Colorado delegate process was "rigged," Limbaugh said complaining would not help.

"You don't get there by whining and moaning when you lose something," he said. "You figure out why you lost and you come back and you let it not happen again. You go back and look at when you were winning and ask, what were you doing?"

"But nothing has been granted you," he reiterated. "There's nothing to be denied to you yet."

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