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A Defining Moment for This Generation': Evangelist Reveals His 'Historic' Plan to Try and Change the Culture


"There is a longing that is God-sized, we believe, in the hearts of this nation and this generation."

Evangelist Nick Hall is hoping to see at least 1 million Christians come together on the National Mall in Washington D.C. this summer for a historic event that he believes could become the "defining moment for this generation."

Hall, 33, is spearheading the Together 2016 gathering on July 16 — an event that will include music, sermons and speeches from the most well-known names in the Christian world, including: Luis Palau, Hillsong United, Lecrae, Kirk Franklin, Matthew West and many others.

The evangelist recently stopped by TheBlaze newsroom to discuss the event, telling The Church Boys podcast that he and his team decided to embark on planning it after realizing the current state of the culture and seeing that many people have the wrong idea about Christianity.

"[We] were ... I would say a little frustrated by all of the division around us — and a lot of times how faith gets associated with so many negative things," Hall said of the impetus for the event. "And so, for us, our faith is such a positive [thing]."

Listen to Hall discuss this historic gathering below:

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He said that the hope is that Together 2016 will bring together Christians of all stripes from across America to worship and learn together on the National Mall — a gathering that he believes could send an incredibly powerful message.

"It's all about Jesus," he said. "And we really believe that people can come together and rally for him."

Hall, who leads a ministry called PULSE, said that his organization has partnered with other Christian groups across the country over the past five years to help plan the initiative, selecting the National Mall due to its position as a "symbolic, historic place."

"It really is both a public thing for us to stand and say, 'You know ... we do believe in Jesus, we believe in his life, his love and his example,'" Hall said.

The goal of having 1 million Christians show up on July 16 might seem lofty, but Hall said that he believes it could end up being a conservative number, as the country is filled with people who are "really hungry for change" and for cohesion, especially during a contentious election year.

Watch a trailer for Together 2016 below:

"There is a longing that is God-sized, we believe, in the hearts of this nation and this generation," saying that he believes Together 2016 could end up being a "defining moment" that people talk about for generations to come.

Hall is hoping that the end result of the gathering is that thousands of prayer groups pop up around America. that people start reading and learning the Bible again, increase discussion about faith and show try love for others.

"We think theres something about the [Bible] ... studying it, reading it, hearing it," he said. "People say this is the most biblically illiterate generation in American history. Our prayer is that — can we flip that on its head?"

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