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Watch: Satanists Interrupt Pro-Life Protest


“Planned Parenthood should be very embarrassed to have these sorts of people defending their organization."

Image source: YouTube

Satanists in Michigan decided to interrupt multiple pro-life protests outside Planned Parenthood facilities Saturday.

#ProtestPP, a coalition of state and national pro-life groups, held its first annual nationwide protest at Planned Parenthood facilities last weekend.

The same coalition held protests last year following the release of undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress that raised allegations Planned Parenthood is trafficking aborted fetal body parts. Planned Parenthood has denied wrongdoing.

In a press release from the Satanic Temple of Detroit, the organization called the accusations against Planned Parenthood “a fabricated, fictional story” pro-lifers are using to “impose the moral opinions of some upon a diverse community.”

Image source: YouTube

The group added that they were going to stage a counterprotest in support of Planned Parenthood using “BDSM Babies” to convey “eroticism and powerful imagery as a tool to communicate complex ideas.”

The satanists dressed as babies in masks and diapers. They brandished whips and sprayed milk and baby powder.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society posted video of the incident in Detroit on YouTube.

The video description said that the counterprotest was “bizarre and hideous street theater, with grotesque imagery and convoluted symbolism.”

“Planned Parenthood should be very embarrassed to have these sorts of people defending their organization. Quite obviously Satanists are on the side of the killing of unborn children,” the pro-life group added.

The satanists also staged a counterprotest in Ferndale, Michigan.

Barb Yagley, one of the three organizers of the #ProtestPP event in Ferndale, told TheBlaze that as the satanists began their "skit," her group "shifted away from them to pray."

"I did not feel threatened by them at all," Yagley said. "We felt that they needed prayer."

Yagley said that the counterprotesters were there "to mock religion and to mock the pro-life movement" and that one of the satanists dressed up as a Catholic priest.

"The satanic 'priest' was there at the same time as the Catholic priest with the Eucharist," Yagley said.

Yagley said her group plans to keep protesting despite the counter protests.

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