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Pro-Cruz Radio Show Host Goes Off on Trump Surrogate: 'Do You Have Any Integrity At All?'


"Wow, wow, hang on a second, hang on a second, no one comes on my show and calls anyone a liar."

Conservative Iowa radio show host Steve Deace, a prominent supporter of Republican candidate Ted Cruz, skewered Kayleigh McEnany, a supporter of GOP rival Donald Trump, during a heated discussion on CNN Thursday.

"Kayleigh, I don't know you. Seriously, do you have any integrity at all?" Deace said as CNN host Brooke Baldwin shook her head, telling the radio host to "be professional."

Deace's bold assertions came after McEnany made the slight suggestion that Trump may have had a point about the Colorado caucuses last month being "rigged" and that Cruz might have silenced Colorado voters by winning delegates elected at the convention.

"There is no voterless elections. Every delegate is elected, including Pennsylvania," Deace continued. "This is the biggest lie and the biggest scam from a guy that lied repeatedly in the entire campaign and whose campaign is built on a lie — 'I'm Mr. Anti-establishment when I wrote all these guys' checks.'"

And the rant didn't end there. Throughout the remainder of the discussion, Deace repeatedly shouted McEnany down, telling her to "stop lying." He also asserted that Trump backers are misleading the American people.

"This whole thing is a scam," he said as the other guests stared blankly. "There are millions of Americans that watch people like you sit here and go on these shows and Scottie Hughes and the rest of this cabal of motley crew of advisers who just sit here and defend this guy and lie about him and for him every single day, and millions of Americans are freaking just sick of it."

Finally, Baldwin stepped in: "Wow, wow, hang on a second, hang on a second, no one comes on my show and calls anyone a liar."

But a belligerent Deace continued to call McEnany a "liar."

"Ad hominem attacks are the last line of defense, and the facts are not on your side," McEnany said when finally given the chance to reply. "It's a fact that Colorado canceled the presidential preference poll in August. Yes, resorted to a four-tier caucus system with the intent of disenfranchising the voters."

After going off the air, Deace continued his rant on Twitter. Though he ultimately offered a sarcastic apology of sorts.

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