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Trump Jokes Getting Past Protesters 'Felt Like I Was Crossing the Border


"That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made."

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump used the massive crowds of protesters that greeted him Friday at the California GOP Convention as a segway to his popular refrain about the U.S.-Mexico border wall, joking that avoiding protesters was like "crossing the border."

News cameras followed the billionaire businessman and his crew as demonstrators forced him to abandon his motorcade and find an unconventional way into the Hyatt Regency hotel in Burlingame, California. In order to get to the venue, Trump had to make his way around a fence, step over a concrete embankment and find his way through one of the hotel's back entrances.

"That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made," Trump joked when he finally took the stage at the convention.

"My wife called," he continued. "She said, 'There are helicopters following you, and we did, we went under a fence and through a fence, and, oh boy, it felt like I was crossing the border, actually."

As the audience broke out into laughter, Trump told the crowd: "It's true."

Anti-Trump protesters blocked roads leading to the convention location while police stood guard at the front entrance of the Hyatt Regency. Friday was the second day the Republican front-runner was met with wild protests in California.

GOP rival Ted Cruz condemned the violent protests against Trump Friday, telling "leftist agitators" to stop "trying to silence" the New York real estate mogul.

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