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Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Theory’ on How Cruz Went From ‘Landslide Win’ in Wisconsin to ‘Landslide Loss’ in Indiana
Rush Limbaugh (Image source: YouTube)

Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Theory’ on How Cruz Went From ‘Landslide Win’ in Wisconsin to ‘Landslide Loss’ in Indiana

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh believes he has the answer to why Sen. Ted Cruz quickly went from the Republican party's only hope at stopping businessman Donald Trump to now no longer even being a candidate for the nomination.

According to Limbaugh, it all has to do with momentum — and the fact that voters "want to vote for winners."

Speaking on his nationally syndicated radio program Wednesday, Limbaugh pondered aloud how Cruz could have gone from winning a landslide election in Wisconsin's Republican primary in early April to losing in seven consecutive landslides himself.

While many pundits said Cruz's losses are rooted in his personality, Limbaugh disagreed. He said it was simply because Cruz didn't have momentum on his side and because he didn't attempt to campaign in every state, citing the New York and "Acela" primaries.

"Cruz decides Northeastern states like New York and the five two weeks ago that Trump won every county, 'You know, I don’t have a chance. I’m not gonna seriously compete there, like I didn’t compete in New Hampshire,' and his strategy was to pick the states like these evangelical states in the South. Pick up those states, and he’s just gonna swamp everything, sweep away everything, walk away with everything and do it that way," Limbaugh said.

"Meanwhile, Trump’s out there trying to win every state.  So the way it manifests itself is you get to Indiana, and you didn’t arrive in a vacuum.  You arrived having lost five landslides and whatever elections you lost before that. All you’ve got on your record is winning in Wisconsin; that’s a long time ago," the radio host added. "So people want to vote for winners. There’s this thing called momentum, whether the media promotes it or not."

Trump had claimed victory in the six previous Republican primaries by wide margins over Cruz, and in many instances, over Ohio Gov. John Kasich, prior to his landslide victory in Indiana Tuesday.

(H/T: Daily Rushbo)

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