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Tattooed, Harley-Riding Entrepreneur Congressional Candidate Issues Bold Political Challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan


"It’s time to shed light on the truth of what Paul Ryan has been doing."

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As speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is used to political challenges, but one businessman from Ryan's congressional district is not only challenging Ryan for his seat in Congress but also to debate him "man-to-man, face-to-face" over Ryan's support for fast-tracking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The man taking on Ryan in the Republican primary is Wisconsin business owner Paul Nehlen, a self-described "insurgent" candidate who's adorned with tattoos and rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

"It’s not every day you see a candidate for Congress sporting tattoos, riding a Harley, and throwing down on a factory floor," Nehlen said in his campaign's first television ad. "But I’m not your everyday candidate."

In the video ad, Nehlen focuses on Ryan's "blatant, mercenary championing of crony international trade agreements, in particular, fast-track Trade Promotion Authority for the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, frequently described as NAFTA on steroids," according to a press release from his campaign.

"Mr. Speaker, you championed this trade deal," Nehlen said. "Why don’t you come back to Wisconsin and debate me — man-to-man, face-to-face — on the realities of TPP. And if you don’t want to debate me, maybe we can arm wrestle."

"It’s time to shed light on the truth of what Paul Ryan has been doing," the businessman added. "He’s sold his congressional vote. He’s sold out Wisconsin’s 1st District. He’s continuing to find new ways to sell out Americans nationwide."

Ryan will face Nehlen during Wisconsin's Aug. 9 primary. Nehlen announced his candidacy last month.

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