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Top Trump Aide: Presidency of the United States Is the 'Ultimate Reality Show


"Donald Trump is going to give us an exciting convention."

A top aide to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump said Tuesday night that the race for the nation's highest office is the "ultimate reality show."

"Donald Trump is going to give us an exciting convention," Trump convention manager Paul Manafort promised on MSNBC, noting that the billionaire is a "television star" who understands modern media.

Host Chris Matthews pressed for specifics on how the Trump campaign would deliver an exciting convention, asking whether it would include a reality show "of some kind."

"Well this is the ultimate reality show, it’s the presidency of the United States," he answered.

Manafort added that the Trump campaign aimed to make the convention both "entertaining" and "informative."

The remark caught the eye of Hillary Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson who tweeted a link to the video out.

The comments came just days after President Barack Obama warned at a press conference that the presidency of the United States is not a reality TV show, an apparent swipe at Trump, a former reality TV star.

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