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Self-Described ‘Pedophile’ Tells Salon: ‘I’m Not a Monster’ and 'I Never Will' Abuse a Child


“My sense is that we’re a much larger group than society actually thinks we are.” logo. Image source:

Self-described “pedophile” Todd Nickerson said that society should permit pedophiles to be “open” about their feelings in a new video for Salon.

Nickerson, author of a controversial essay titled “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster,” published in Salon last year, said he has “never sexually abused a child” and "I never will” because he knows “the harm that it could cause” due to abuse he suffered as a child. He said his own abuse “probably contributed to my own sexuality developing.”

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In the video, Nickerson described being sexually attracted to a “precocious" 5-year-old girl he babysat when he was 18. He claimed that he didn’t act on his feelings and “left town” soon after.

Nickerson said he found an online forum of pedophiles who say they don’t act on their attraction to children and lamented that “society” uses the terms pedophile and child molester “interchangeably.”

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of pedophiles online,” Nickerson added. “My sense is that we’re a much larger group than society actually thinks we are.”

Nickerson said that he didn’t “choose” his “sexuality” and that he is “resigned to the fact that I’m basically going to spend the rest of my life alone.”

“My purpose is to go out and educate people, allowing people like myself to come out and be open,” he said. “Society makes it harder by persecuting us because a lot of us become fatalistic.”

“We start to think it doesn’t matter what we do or say, they’re going to hate us anyway,” he added.

Nickerson concluded, “We love kids and we want to protect them too.”

(Content warning: Video contains subject matter that could be disturbing to many viewers and might not be appropriate for children)

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