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Freddie Gray Family Lawyer Confronts Greta: Fox News Has ‘Racist’ Approach to Black Community


"[Y]our station was ripe with speculation..."

The attorney for the family of Freddie Gray alleged on Monday that the Fox News Channel's "approach to the black community is racist" — and he did so while appearing on the cable news network's own airwaves.

Murphy made the remark after noting that the Gray family had faith the justice system worked properly and that "Judge Williams made the correct call." A Baltimore officer was acquitted Monday in charges stemming from the Gray case.

"[Y]our station was ripe with speculation about whether Judge Williams was playing to the audience," lawyer Billy Murphy told Fox host Greta Van Susteren.

"I don't know where you get that, Billy," Van Susteren interjected. "Billy, stop that. I don't know where you get that."

"Oh, c'mon, Greta," Murphy replied. "C'mon."

Van Susteren said she would be happy to address any criticisms of her show's coverage, but she seemed to stray away from opting to defend the entire network.

"Let's talk about my show. If you have a gripe with me, tell me. If you have a gripe with my show, tell me," she said.

“So if I think the whole network’s approach to the black community is racist and that’s a relevant thing to say during this program, I can’t say it?” Murphy asked.

Van Susteren said that she understood "the way" Murphy was "trying to play this" and reiterated her commitment to defend her show.

"I haven't stated a problem with your show," Murphy said.

"OK, good," Van Susteren responded. "I'm just checking."

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