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CNN, Fox Hosts Grill Clinton Spox on Email Report: 'If She Didn't Do Anything Wrong...

CNN, Fox Hosts Grill Clinton Spox on Email Report: 'If She Didn't Do Anything Wrong...

"Well, you don't know that. How do you know that?"

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer confronted Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon Wednesday over the former secretary of state's unwillingness to cooperate with the State Department Inspector General's audit of her emails.

"If she didn’t do anything wrong and she had nothing to hide," Blitzer asked, "why didn’t she cooperate with the inspector general and answer his questions?"

According to Fallon, the Clinton campaign did not avoid the State Department's report, but instead prioritized the Justice Department's investigation because they were "assessing the same set of facts." He also suggested he didn't understand why each department needed to conduct its own probe.

Fallon told Blitzer that Clinton is "happy" to sit down for an interview about the email ordeal at the Justice Department if and when inspectors reach out to her. He also insisted the Democratic candidate has answered "plenty of questions" about the issue.

But the CNN host continued to press Fallon, nonetheless, trying to understand why Clinton wouldn't want to cooperate with the State Department, given the fact that she spent four years as the secretary of state.

"Here's the problem," Blitzer said. "If she had time for the news media, and she's going to have time for the Justice Department, why disrespect the inspector general of the State Department — the department she ran for four years — and not at least go to a meeting with the inspector general and answer a whole bunch of questions?"

Blitzer continued to grill Fallon on why the presidential hopeful is "disrespecting" the inspector general by not cooperating with their investigation. Fallon never offered a clear answer.

"It looks as if she’s got something to hide when she doesn’t even want to answer questions from the inspector general of the State Department," Blitzer told the Clinton spokesman.

Fallon shot down that assertion, telling Blitzer that Clinton would not be willing to answer questions from the Justice Department if she had something to hide.

And when Fallon sat down shortly after for an interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, his luck did not seem to improve. Baier also grilled the Clinton spokesman on the issue.

In his interview on the "Special Report," Fallon asserted there was a "clear precedent" showing it was appropriate for Clinton to use a private email server for work purposes, noting that Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and current State Secretary John Kerry have used private email for business.

But Baier said Clinton's use of a private account is separate from the central issue, which is the fact that she used a private server in her home that was never approved by the federal government. Fallon said that piece of information was "sort of immaterial." He also said the report returned no evidence that Clinton's server was ever successfully breached.

"Well, hold on about that," Baier interjected after hearing Fallon's assertion.

And when Fallon said there were "attempted intrusions," but no successful hackings, the Fox host shot back, "Well, you don't know that. How do you know that?"

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