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We Are Praying for An Early Monsoon': It's So Hot in India, The Streets Are Melting


"There's absolutely no water."

The heat wave in India has started to melt the asphalt pavement in Valsad, Gujarat, as temperatures reached 120 degrees over the weekend.

A video recorded in the area shows locals sliding across the roads, dodging cars, as their feet get stuck in the melting tar. Residents can be seen stepping out of their shoes as they hurry across the busy streets — some rushing back to retrieve them; others leaving them in the road.

"We are praying to the gods for an early monsoon so that people get some relief, as the heat has taken a toll on our bodies," Kanpur resident Neeraj Kumar told The Independent. "We are not even able to do our daily chores properly."

BP Yadev, head of the national weather forecasting center of the India Meteorological Department, said summer thunderstorms often cool down the intense temperatures, but there has not yet been enough rain for that to happen. And the consequences for the heat are deadly.

According to the Indian Times, more than 400 farmers have committed suicide over the past four months.

"There's absolutely no water," farmer Ashok Balunke said, adding that the water dried up in January.

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