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Watch How Hispanic Trump Supporters Respond When They're Purportedly Harassed by Angry Anti-Trump Protesters


"Why are you here?"

When a Hispanic teenager was reportedly berated by protesters who oppose Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the 16-year-old's father stepped in to defend the teen, getting into a heated back-and-forth with one of the purportedly boisterous protesters.

"Don't step up to my son," he snapped at the man, with the protester hitting back, "Don't step up to me."

The frustrated father, who is reportedly also Hispanic, had some choice words for the anti-Trump protesters as well. As he and his son walked away from the confrontation, he yelled back, "Go back to Mexico, fool. You like it so bad? Go back. Why are you here?"

The confrontation, which was captured by Rebel Pundit, reportedly unfolded when one of the anti-Trump protesters started yelling "F**k Trump" at the teen after noticing that he was wearing a baseball cap in support of the Republican candidate.

"You can protest and do it orderly, but don't be disrespectful," the dad told Rebel Pundit after the encounter. "They can have their voice but the fact is that doesn't give you the right to be violent or disrespectful."

Watch the clash unfold below (caution: strong language):


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