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After Bashing Clinton, GOP Senator Struggles to Make Case for Trump


"I understand your case against Hillary Clinton — what's your case for Donald Trump?"

Image source: "Meet the Press"

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) offered a brutal critique of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a "Meet the Press" interview that aired Sunday. But when NBC host Chuck Todd asked him to make an argument in favor of Trump, the senator had a difficult time thinking of one.

Todd's challenge came after Cotton ripped apart Clinton's foreign policy record as Secretary of State during President Obama's first term.

Image source: "Meet the Press"

"She has been responsible for many of the worst decisions of the Obama Administration," Cotton said.

"OK, but what's the case for Donald Trump?" Todd pressed, noting that Cotton recently attacked Clinton in a speech but neglected to mention Trump altogether. "I understand your case against Hillary Clinton — what's your case for Donald Trump?

“Donald Trump can ultimately make the case for himself,” Cotton said.

He added that he agrees with the presumptive GOP nominee that the American government is not doing enough to combat radical Islamic extremism and the Islamic State terror group.

Todd said the senator does not seem like an “enthusiastic Trump supporter” and noted that Trump “is not running on a foreign policy that is anywhere closer to what you would like to see.” According to Todd, Cotton's views regarding U.S. foreign policy are far more akin to Clinton's.


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