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Miniature Border Wall Appears Around Donald Trump's Hollywood Star


""Don’t know how long it will last."

Throughout his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump has made building a border wall along the U.S.'s southern border a key tenet of his candidacy, and now there's one surrounding the businessman's Hollywood star.

Tourists stopped Tuesday night to find — and take pictures of — a miniature 6-inch gray wall, topped with razor wire, American flags and "keep out" signs, surrounding the Republican presidential nominee's star. However, the wall was only in place for about 10 minutes before being trampled by passersby.

The creation, however, belonged to an artist who refers to himself as "Plastic Jesus" and is known for posting "No Trump Anytime" posters at street corners earlier in the year. According to his website, the artist bases his art on current news and culture.

The tiny wall, titled a "humorous installation" by the artist, was made of concrete. "Plastic Jesus" told Hollywood's LAist Wednesday that the fence display was "intended to focus on Trump's ridiculous idea of building a wall."

The artist attempted to put a second wall up Wednesday morning, but indicated he wasn't sure how long it would last.

"Don’t know how long it will last," he told LAist. "I guess until the Chamber of Commerce removes it. Yesterday, Edward Scissorhands attacked it because it was getting more attention from tourists than him! I’d like to say he used his razor like fingers to cut it up, but sadly he only kicked it!"

Earlier this year, in a more powerful stance against Trump, a vandal christened the candidate's Hollywood star with a black swastika. The spray-painted image was not on the star long before the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce discovered the vandalism and had it removed, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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