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Tense Video: Sheriff’s Deputy Pulls Gun on Man Who Walks Up to Window of Car While Recording


"I got both of my hands in the air."

Image source: YouTube

New video shows a South Carolina deputy seemingly fearing for his life as he pulls a gun on a man who walked up to his cruiser demanding that he roll his window down and repeatedly asked for the officer's name and badge number.

Image source: YouTube

The footage was uploaded to YouTube July 12 by Trey Citizen. It shows Citizen confronting a Greenville County deputy, according to Photography Is Not a Crime.

"Roll your window down," Citizen is heard saying more than once.

"What do you want?" the officer asks.

As Citizen gets closer to the vehicle, the officer tells him, “Back away from my car," while pulling out a gun.

“Really, you pulled a gun on me, bro?” Citizen says to the cop. "I got both of my hands in the air."

“Roll your window down. I got both hands in the air," Citizen adds. He then once again asks for the officer's name and badge number.

But it appears as though Citizen still doesn't know the identity of the officer he confronted. In his YouTube video description, he writes, "Greenville [C]ounty doesn't want to identify this officer for me. After multiple attempts to get his information. His car number is E38."

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