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Ben Carson: Corruption Exists 'Throughout the Political System,' but the DNC Is 'Completely Corrupt


"I hope that more people will wake up and see what’s happening."

Image source: "Fox and Friends"

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said the leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee are further proof of America's corrupt political system. The nearly 20,000 emails, released Friday by WikiLeaks, reportedly reveal the DNC discussed plans to subvert former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' campaign.

Image source: "Fox and Friends"

"I knew that there was corruption, but the level of corruption throughout the political system is overwhelming. And I’m talking about the established Democrats and the established Republicans who are much more interested in holding on to power and their positions than they are about their party or about their country," Carson told "Fox and Friends" Monday morning. "This is really very sad, and I hope that more people will wake up and see what’s happening."

While Carson acknowledged corruption exists across party lines, he said this latest episode reveals that the DNC is "completely corrupt." This, he said, is why an unlikely candidate like Donald Trump rose to become the GOP nominee and an underdog like Sanders was crushed by the DNC machine.


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